Multimedia Marketing System

A successful sale of your property starts with real estate marketing that works. I’ve teamed up with industry experts to offer my clients the right tools to make their selling experience as easy as possible. Your home is your biggest asset, you owe it to yourself to market it as one! When we take on every listing, we spare no expense on marketing. Reason being is we want to ensure your home is put in the very best position to sell for the most money possible. We have developed a comprehensive marketing plan that is proven to do just that! My marketing plan has a global international reach and a targeted strategic online platform that will put your home in front of the RIGHT buyers. Why risk selling yourself short and potentially leaving money on the table! We will never put you in that situation. Our marketing plan has proven to outsell the competition. Have my marketing plan working for YOU!!!


Want me to show you how we can expose your home to tens of thousands of people in a targeted geographic area, age group, and income level in a matter of days? I market your home on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more! I spend thousands dollars a year promoting my listings on Facebook which is extremely effective and gets our listings the immediate attention they deserve….FAST. Facebook is a great platform to get your property noticed and shared by potential buyers. Your home will be seen by over 20,000 people and estimate to have around 5000 clicks. Thats people who like, comment, or best of all share your listing to friends and other potential buyers locally and internationally!



Along with Facebook another marketing platform I use to display your home to potential buyers is a website called Juwai. Your listing will be featured in China! Behind the great firewall to an exclusive audience. Your listing will be translated to Chinese in a global platform with 1.5 million viewers monthly 80% being in china and the rest around the world to other big investment countries like Australia and United Kingdom. Now thats international!



We hire industry leading experts in photography and video to take HD photos and create a complete walk through video of your home. We also include a drone video (for most properties) which will not only showcase the exterior of your home but also the great aspects of your neighborhood. Potential buyers are able to see photos and video of both the inside and outside of your home at any time of day!


They say a picture is worth 1000 words…and we believe it! I hire a professional photographer to take up to 20 wide-angle, professionally retouched photos of your home. This is what the buyers see online which will have them calling to view your home in person!


We offer the service of an expert stager to come into your home and suggest the best way to stage your home be the most appealing to the public. Not only that but she will suggest how to set up your home for our marketing team which will enable us to photograph your home at its best!


A traditional method that still works! We send out over 8000 full color flyers a month announcing the details of your listing to the surrounding area. Neighbours frequently know of people that want to move into the area and this is still one of the best ways of letting them know about your listing.


Once we receive the professional photos we create a prestigious 4 page brochure that will be on display at your home for open houses and viewings. The brochure will contain all of the information on your property, a clear and professionally measured floor plan and several HD photos. This is a great way for buyers to remember what they loved about your home! As well as the brochure we include information on your neighborhood such as school catchments, local parks, recreation, shopping and amenities.


By entering your home on the MLS system, your property gets maximum marketing exposure to all members of the local Board. You’ll have Realtors everywhere trying to find a buyer for your property. It is the MLS computer system that will provide other members of the real estate Board with detailed information about your property. The MLS also has its own website,, where currently active listings are posted. All of our listings are posted on with professional photos and 360 tours. Todays savvy home buyers know there are many ways to search for a home and platforms such as craigslist and kijiji are increasingly being used for home searches. It is a quick and easy way to look at homes for sale and ads include your professional photos and listing information.


Garry Voigt Real Estate is fast becoming a hugely recognizable brand due to external advertising, flyers, print ads and social media. This in turn means a lot of clicks on Your home will be included as a featured listing and potentially viewed hundreds of times per month.


Floor plans are key to communicating the flow of your space to potential buyers. We have a professional come in and laser measure your home to gives us an exact square footage to market.